Student Leadership

Our Students

Year 6 Leaders

Leadership is a quality that all students at Grasmere Primary School are encouraged and supported to develop. Through the curriculum and extra-curricula activities, all students are encouraged to develop the skills necessary to be a leader. This ensures that all students perceive themselves as leaders and have the opportunity and confidence to take on leadership roles.

Student leadership roles challenge individuals to develop a sense of vision and purpose as they take on responsibilities and use decision-making skills in order to carry a project through to a successful conclusion. They develop interpersonal and intrapersonal skills including communication, negotiation, teamwork and reflection. Students are given opportunities to develop the skills of active, reflective listeners who respond effectively as they work with others to determine and achieve collective goals. 

School Captains: Lacey Oakley & Kael Umney
Sports Captains: Morgan Greene & Alexander Parsons
Student School Improvemet Team (SSIT): Catriona Tait, Will Austen, Jem Twitt, Zac Hirst

House Leaders

Injemira: Jem Twitt & Locky Egan
Maes-Y-Porth: Morgan Greene & Alexander Parsons
Cooramook: Kael Umney, Lacey Oakley & Will Austen
Carrakorte: Lockie Duffin & Cooper Elliott

Junior School Council (JSC)

Students across the entire school have opportunities for leadership development as each class has a representative on our Junior School Council (JSC).