2017 Staffing & Home Groups


Mr Warwick Price

Home Groups

Students are organised into Home Groups across the school for key learning in literacy, numeracy and other classes across the curriculum areas. The Home Groups combine for special activities such as buddies, sport and performances. 

Classroom Teaching Staff

Mrs Abby Madden - Foundation

Ms Jaclyn Palmer - Year 1/2

Mrs Ilona Watkins & Mrs Lori Horwill - Year 2/3

Mrs Jacci Morris - Year 4/5

Mrs Kate Warburton- Year 5/6

Specialist Staff

Mr Luke Howlett  -  Pysical Education

Mrs Jessica Inia   -  Art/Music

Mrs Joanne Gleeson  -  Food 4 Life

Mr Warwick Price  -  Japanese & Hands on Learning Program

Mrs Christine Howlett - MARC Library

Education Support Staff

Mrs Tracy Bridge

Mrs Kerrie Pope

Mrs Denise Kelly-Merrifield

Mrs Katrina Taylor

Business Manager

Mrs Joanne Saffin