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Principal's Welcome

Principal Welcome 

It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to Grasmere Primary School.  It is an absolute privilege to be the Principal of this wonderful school and our supportive and inclusive School Community. 

Our vibrant school is nestled in the farming community of Grasmere.  We have a spacious, picturesque, and attractive school grounds, where we encourage inclusivity amongst all students. 

The students are educated in an exciting, challenging, and positive atmosphere where each child is taught and encouraged to enhance wellbeing, overcome challenges, and nurture positive relationships.  We have strong links to the community and value the importance of family at the heart of education. 

Our school places a strong emphasis on building solid foundations in Literacy and Numeracy which are based on up-to-date educational research, rich resources, and explicit instruction. 

Our dedicated staff work collaboratively in our small school to provide quality and engaging learning experiences for all students.  Teachers, Support Staff, and parents work together in a 3-way partnership to ensure the best learning outcomes are achieved by all students at Grasmere. 

We have strong focus on the Health and Wellbeing framework at Grasmere Primary School.  The whole-school community identify positive connections, feeling a sense of support, feeling equal and being present in a calm environment as integral to supporting health and wellbeing. Where each individual is supported through provision of healthy boundaries, an opportunity to build social and emotional skills, can develop to have a positive mindset, build inner strength and confidence and thus, can function and cope with challenge. 

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website, I hope that you will also take the time to visit our school and see firsthand our vibrant learning environments where each child is engaged, thriving and learning at their point of need. We have many opportunities for parents to become involved in the learning and School community.

Please call or email the school if you require further information or have any unanswered questions.

Many thanks

Abby Madden


Grasmere Primary School Students are:


Being respectful at Grasmere means we create an environment of trust, safety, and well-beingWe actively listen, respect differences, understand and celebrate cultural diversity and share the power of knowledge to foster the learning of each individual. 


Being inclusive at Grasmere means we accept and celebrate diversity, culture, and equality. We seek to understand and encourage positive intentions and show empathy in our interactions. 


Being curious at Grasmere means we question, explore, and challenge ourselves in our learning to thrive socially, emotional, and academically. 


Being leaders at Grasmere means we lead by example.  We use student voice and agency to help shape ourselves as leaders, our learning communities, and the wider school community.