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Student Leadership

At Grasmere we have created a culture where we value each individual student and encourage them to find their own voice in our supportive school environment.  Students at Grasmere are provided with an extensive curriculum whereby opportunities to lead others, engage in the community and develop as confident learners are empowered daily.

We take participate in the Leaders Congress for the schools in our network – creating a project that empowers student voice, agency and leadership for the students in Year 6.  We have a range of leadership roles within the school – School Captains, School Improvement Leaders, House Captains, Koorie Leaders and Junior School Council.

School Captains 2022

Eve Ryan & Hugh Hunter

House Captains 2022


Blue House

Captain - Adelyn Mills
Vice-Captain - Jack Holland


Green House

Captain - Cooper Hirst
Vice-Captain - Isabel McGinness


Red House

Captain - Serena Parry
Vice-Captain - Taylah Veal


Yellow House

Captain - Xavier Chatfield
Vice-Captain - Andrew Taylor



Hugh / Cooper / Curtis


Eve / Michael / Tadhg


Xavier / Addy / Logan / Serena / Taintum

Junior School Council

Our school has a vibrant and enthusiastic Junior School Council elected by their peers from Years 1 to 6. Our JSC meet regularly to discuss issues of importance to the students of our school, organising events and fundraising for a purpose.

Junior School Council Reps

  • Year 1

    Maddison Limbong

  • Year 2

    Brandon Chatfield

  • Year 3

    Grace McNaught

  • Year 4

    Gretel Ryan

  • Year 5

    Tahnee McDonald

  • Year 6

    Logan Nowell

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