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The MARC LIBRARY VAN services five small schools in the Warrnambool area.  The participating schools include Grasmere, Cudgee, Nullawarre, Noorat and Panmure.  The MARC library provides a range of resources to approximately 250 students and 25 teaching staff across the five schools.  Mrs Hollee Chuck is responsible for delivery of the MARC Library Program and brings the MARC van to each school on a weekly basis.

The MARC van is at Grasmere Primary School on a Thursday.  Each class participates in a one-hour library lesson, as well as having the opportunity to borrow a range of new release books and quality reading material from the MARC van.

The MARC Library Program aims to:

  • Promote a LOVE OF READING and a genuine appreciation of literature amongst all students
  • Contribute to the development of  a strong reading culture within each school
  • Keep updated with new release reading material that is of high-interest to students and staff
  • Provide a wide range of resources that will stimulate growth in factual knowledge, thinking skills, problem-solving ability and cognitive development 
  • Provide a weekly library lesson that is highly engaging for the students and aims to further develop skills across a range a curriculum areas, with a focus on literacy
  • Provide teaching staff with highly effective teaching materials that will enrich and support the Victorian Curriculum, taking into consideration the varied interests, abilities and needs of the different cohorts and individual students.

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