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Science & STEM

At Grasmere we believe in the power of knowledge and every child having access to learning about Science.  

Students spend time outside and use the local environment to learn about animals, mini-beasts, nature, weather systems, plants and life cycles.  They collect leaves from the sensory garden to conduct experiments and use technology to record their findings and share with parents.   

This year students have built 3D models of the Solar System from recycled materials and made mini-Earth's using plasticine and matchsticks to show the rotation of our planet on its axis.  In Chemical Sciences we make slime, Oobleck, pop rockets and lava lamps amongst many other fun and sensory experiments.  We welcome all visitors to see their experiments at the Grasmere Science Fair. 

Our students are encouraged to explore Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics through the use of building with planks, foam, balloons, straws and recycled egg cartons.  They work in teams to build marble runs and conduct time trials, then build their own marble run from scratch.  Grasmere students love to create catapults with elastic bands, pop sticks and pom poms and record the success of various designs. 

Our science lessons provide a wide variety of topics and time for students to put their skills into practice.  We empower Grasmere students to become the next generation of Scientists, Technology Specialists, Engineers, and Mathematicians