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Our Values

We are Resilient, Responsible, Respectful, Caring

Our Vision

We are a safe, supportive and successful school … When small schools think big.

At Grasmere Primary School we work in partnership with our school community to empower each student to reach their academic and social potential. We aim to foster the child as a whole through our knowledge of curriculum, prioritising student wellbeing and modelling respectful relationships.

Students at Grasmere are leaders of their learning and wellbeing. They are inspired to become caring, resilient, respectful and responsible. Student voice shapes our learning communities, creating a sense of belonging and contributing to our inclusive culture.

Our unique setting creates opportunities to provide rich learning experiences that occur outside the classroom, building curiosity and love of learning in each child.

Our Mission

Grasmere Primary School’s mission is to engage our students in a safe and collaborative environment where teaching and learning experiences aim to foster and develop each child’s personal capabilities.

We do this by:

  • Creating a safe and respectful working environment for students and staff
  • Focusing on continuous improvement and visible learning
  • Promoting equity
  • Maintaining attractive and welcoming grounds and facilities
  • Developing partnerships with our community
  • Recognising and celebrating diversity and inclusiveness
  • Encouraging school and community health and wellbeing
  • Promoting student voice

16 Ibbs Lane, Grasmere, Victoria, 3281
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(03) 5565 4253

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