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Grasmere Primary School is aware of the evolution of the digital world in which we live in.  Whilst incorporating technology into our classrooms we are aware of the importance to teach the traditional values, set high expectations and be safe when using all aspects of technology.

We provide the students with iPads, cisco WebEx interactive board, smart boards and apple TVs.  Students from Years F-6 are encouraged to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) to access all facets of learning in the curriculum.

Grasmere Primary School is a registered eSmart School using the eSmart guiding framework to manage cyber safety and wellbeing.

eSmart is an initiative to The Alannah and Madeline Foundation, a national charity committed to protecting children from violence.

eSmart helps teachers, students and the whole school community embrace the benefits of technology and reduce exposure to cyberspace risks such as cyber bullying, identity theft, online sexual predation and accessing or sending inappropriate images and content.  We believe in a collective responsibility by all staff to support all of our students.

Newsletters, Facebook, Seesaw and Compass regularly update parents on the progress of technological advances in our community.  We liaise with our local Police to inform the students of cyber safety. 

Our students learn how to use technology in a safe and effective way by following our own technology code of conduct and through the guidance of our well-trained staff.

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