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The Arts

At Grasmere, we include a wide variety of arts into our program.  We show students many ways to express their creative sides.  We explore the artwork from different cultures and times in history.  Students are encouraged to respond and reflect upon artworks by famous artists and those of their classmates.  

Imagine learning about Henri Matisse and having a bowl of goldfish to inspire you. When learning about monochromatic colours (variety of light and shade within 1 colour) we transformed the classroom into a tropical rainforest to accurately draw and paint all the green colours of the leaves. 

We invite local indigenous artists to the school and celebrate the cultures of our students.  You can see the giant mural at the front of the school welcoming you to Grasmere Primary. 

Grasmere students regularly attend drama performances in Warrnambool at secondary schools and the Lighthouse Theatre.  Classroom teachers integrate elements of drama into their everyday lessons, e.g. In Literacy, students participate in Reader's Theatre, which is acting using vocal expression. 

Our Values program and lunchtime activities support the ARTS curriculum through; drumming, ukulele club, choir/glee club, and art club.  The whole community is invited to attend our annual concert to sing and dance along!  

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